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H2Rover is a company devoted to convenient hydration for dogs and their humans. We solve the problem of how awkward it can be to provide water for your dog when you are on the go.

13 years of experience in the dog walking business has given us a lot of time to think about better ways to handle active dogs, and this bottle is our effort to make pet hydration more efficient and convenient for you and your Rover.

Our patented water bottle design allows you to water your dog using a hose and spigot attached to the bottom of the bottle. You can still drink safely and hygienically from the top.

It's a stainless steel water bottle with FDA approved food grade components, a safe and clean source of drinking water for you and your dog.

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Building Bottles
Posted August 7, 2013

The parts and pieces are finally in. We have stainless bottles silkscreened with the H2Rover logo, custom machined stainless fittings, yards and yards of tubing, and piles of nuts, washers, o-rings and taps.

It's finally time to put it all together. For each bottle, Pete hand drills the tap hole, installs the stainless fitting, rinses and leak checks each one. Then he adds the clip, hose and spigot. Back in the box, and it's ready to ship.

Ready, that is, except for the darn carry strap. We're still waiting for those from our supplier, but they've promised we'll get them by Friday. Just barely in time for our official launch on Saturday.


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