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Questions & Answers

Do dogs like it?

Yes, most dogs do. At least half of all dogs immediately take to it, with no training needed.

Company owner Pat Keller Vanags has been testing variations of this bottle in her daily pet care rounds for years. Most dogs naturally lap at the stream, or can be trained to do so in a matter of days. Practice makes perfect: the longer they use the bottle, the more efficient dogs seem to get at maximizing the amount of water they drink, with less spilling.

Smaller dogs tend to need the most help getting used to lapping directly from the stream. See our training tips under the next item.

How do I train my dog to drink from the water stream?

If your dog doesn't instinctively lap from the stream, you can start by pouring from the tap into your hand, or into a small cup. When they start lapping, start the stream flowing into your hand/cup to get them used to it. Gradually over a few sessions, you should be able to start moving the container away, and get your dog lapping exclusively from the stream of water.

What if my dog doesn’t like it?

If your dog doesn't take to lapping at the stream, you can return the bottle for a full refund.

How do I store the hose and tap while I’m walking?

There are two good ways to store the hose and tap while you’re walking, to prevent the hose from swinging around:
  • The most secure way is to “pinch” the last few inches of hose underneath the flip-top lid.

  • A quicker way is to hook the tap handle inside the plastic carrying loop on the bottle from the bottom.
We've found that both of these techniques work quite well. Choose your favorite.

Why isn’t the water coming out?

The H2Rover Water Bottle uses a gravity feed system. For the water to dispense properly, the bottle’s lid must be popped open, and the dispensing tap must be below the bottom of the bottle.

Is it safe for humans?

All of the components used in the H2Rover bottle are food-grade. The bottle and hose connectors are stainless steel, and the hose and tap are NSF certified for beverage dispensing. Very safe for delivering water to you and your pooch. Our design ensures that you and your dog never drink from the same end of the bottle. If you like sharing saliva with your dog, you are welcome to do it some other way. ;-)

Is it easy to carry?

You can use our 48" webbing loop to sling the bottle over your shoulder, or use the mini carabiner to clip it to your backpack or other location. You'll want to attach the bottle as high on your body as is comfortable. (Belt loops tend to hold the bottle a bit too low for efficient gravity-feed.)

Will it leak?

We've spent a lot of time and energy perfecting the seal between the hose and the bottom of the bottle, and ensuring all the connections are as leak-proof as possible. Just confirm from time to time that the lock nut where the hose meets the bottle is snugly tightened. If you have any leakage problems, you can return your bottle for a replacement or refund.
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