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About H2Rover

H2Rover is an offshoot of LovePuppy, a pet care business that has been caring for the happiest hounds in North County San Diego for over 13 years.

The H2Rover Water Bottle is one of a number of specialized items in LovePuppy's professional "bag of tricks" for handling multiple active dogs on the go, which also includes hands-free leashes.
Pat Keller Vanags is the owner and founder of LovePuppy, and has been an active pet care professional for 13 years. Over this time, she has been tirelessly devoted to finding better ways to manage active pets on the go.

She has been experimenting with the H2Rover concept for a number of years with her client dogs, and has found that just about any dog can learn to "lap it up" from one of our bottles!
Peter Chin is an industrial engineer. He has been experimenting with a variety of pet hydration concepts for nearly a decade.
Peter Vanags is a product designer, software developer, and H2Rover's McGyver in Residence. He is devoted to creating the most functional and highest quality product designs possible. He also ensures that H2Rover has a great product identity, web and social media presence.
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